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  1. Child Find – Child find activities are done with the community-based early childhood programs.  A Child Find Fair is held each year for the purpose of identifying and referring children (birth to age 5) with developmental delays who may be eligible for the early intervention programs in our school district.  The Child Find Fair consists of vision, hearing, dental and developmental screenings.  Information about the Child Find Fair can be obtained by calling the Child Find Coordinator at 758-5218. 

  2. Pre-Referral — Parents/guardians of students from Kindergarten-12th grade who have questions/concerns about their child’s progress in a general education classroom may request a conference with the child’s teacher, principal, and/or counselor.  If parents still feel there is a need for an evaluation, they may request a Student Assistance Team (SAT) meeting.  The team is made up of school personnel who have knowledge of their child’s performance.  At this time, parent concerns are addressed.  The SAT will review or suggest interventions and offer suggestions for helping a child learn.  If parents and SAT agree on a complete evaluation for possible Special Education placement, a referral will be made.  Requests for an SAT may also be initiated by a student’s teacher, school nurse, counselor or the school principal. 

  3. Referral — 

    1. If the Student Assistance Team agrees that a complete evaluation is needed, the parents will be asked to give written permission to evaluate. 

    2. A complete assessment of the student’s school performance is needed before determining eligibility for special education services.  The evaluators may include a regular education teacher, special education teacher, nurses, and other relevant support staff as well as a certified educational diagnostician. 

  4. Evaluation — The evaluation process has two major purposes: 

    1. To determine if the student is eligible for special education and related services and 

    2. to gather all of the information possible about the student in order to determine the best educational services for the student. 


The evaluation process should be completed in a timely manner.


Once the district has all of the evaluation results completed, you will be invited to participate in and Individualized Educational Program (IEP) committee.  The committee will discuss what has been learned about your child and will make important decisions about your child’s educational program.


The school considers you and your child as valued members of the Individualized Educational Program (IEP) Committee.  Together, you will design an appropriate educational plan.