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      Woodworking I will be presented in the context of a modern industrial program.  It will teach students about the woodworking industry, including sources of lumber, how lumber is made into plywood and other materials.  It will also teach students how to design, plan and carry through a project.  The student will learn a basic knowledge of hand skills with tools and how to work safely with the tools and materials to protect themselves from accidents. 



     The Woodworking II-IV class provides advanced information about wood and wood products: selection, safe use, and care of hand and power tools; residential construction applications; and proper wood working procedures.  The class will provide information and instruction in areas of furniture and cabinet making, wood finishing, laminating, and is intended to broaden the scope of woodworking as well as always stressing the importance of safety.


Contacts:         Matthew Sandoval <matthew.sandoval@taosschools.org>             James Loder<jamlod@taosschools.org>


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