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Taos Schools Science and Engineering/STEM Fair

As of the 2014-2015 sc​hool year:​

  • Over 100 parents/caregivers have assisted in science fair per year, with 20 high school students volunteering and leading the science fair activities and efforts.
  • ​The parents/caregivers volunteer time, effort and resources to the execution of science fair projects. Parents/caregivers assist in providing the presentation materials, and encouraging students to complete the science fair process. Parents also recruit judges and assist in fundraising efforts.
  • Parents/caregivers support the science fair placers through the various local, regional, state, national and international competitions. They also encourage publicity efforts to support the accomplishments of the students, and obtain funding within the community.
  • ​Due to the results provided by the program in scholarships and accomplishments as well as rankings at the regional, state, national and international level, parents and the community as a whole show a high level of support. Some parents will specifically enter their students into Taos Middle School to participate in the science fair program, and then work to try to secure funding and resources for the program. The science fair program integrates all areas of core content and many elective content standards, giving students opportunities to explore STEM areas hands on, and giving parents and the community opportunity to learn with them, and support the program and the school.

Contact:                                                                Laura Tenorio <lauten@taosschools.org>.

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