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Taos Middle School Ski and Snowboard club

As of the 2014-2015 sc​hool year:​

  • ​Ten parents volunteered to assist this year.
  • Parents volunteered as sponsors on ski days. The role of the parent volunteer includes skiing with students and helping to ensure students followed safety rules. Another role of the parent volunteer is to create positive relationships with students by engaging in extra curricular activities with them.
  • Parents, students and staff are all learning a new skill together. This provides the students with adult role models outside of the classroom learning life skills that will be useful as they grow.
  • ​One hundred middle school students participated in the program this year.
  • Student participation in the ski and snowboard club extends into the community by encouraging students to continue skiing outside of the school program. They learn a skill that will follow them into adulthood. Skiing promotes good healthy habits that stay with them throughout their lives.
  • Unique to the Taos community, the ski industry provides students an opportunity not available to many middle school students. They are able to learn, at an affordable cost to parents, a lifelong sport that encourages healthy living and that they can pass on to their own children.

Contact:                                                                                                           Ellie Bishop <ellbis@taosschools.org>.
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