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Food Science

Food Science is a program at Taos Middle School where the students learn about different careers/jobs as well as culinary arts. Food Science is taught by Mrs. Alicia Thoma. She recommends that there only be 15 students per period because when they are in the kitchen it is important it be less chaotic. Guest speakers are bought into talk about different careers so the students get an idea of all career possibilities.

Cooking is something all kids need when they grow up so that is why Mrs. Thoma tries to cook with them 2 times a week. Some food dishes that they have made throughout the year are pumpkin cookies, chicken pot pie, Chicken noodle soup, chicken fettuccini alfredo, pizza, pretzels. It is very important to her that they learn to cook healthy foods.

A lot of what they work on in this class deals with what they will need when they get older and have to live life on their own. For example, they were taught on how to invest their money and to use is wisely. Another subject is character education. In this unit they talked about being respectful to people in their surroundings, to be a good citizen, and being responsible for their own actions.

Food Science is a wonderful elective student can choose to take. It has helped many students in the past for there future and it will continue to help those who are fortunate enough to take it in the future.

Contact:                                                                                                       Alicia Thoma <alitho@taosschools.org>.

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